Membership Overview and Categories

This page is intended as an overview of CAA membership categories. The CAA Bylaws define different membership categories to serve different purposes and abilities. CAA bylaws and policies offer different tools to administer these categories to address the needs of members over time.


In general, the CAA has two types of membership:

  • Practitioner Membership
  • Non-Practitioner Member


Practitioner Membership refers to the voting member categories under CAA Bylaws. Members in the categories are individuals who are involved in avalanche-related activities for work on an on-going basis. They must meet specific competency-based requirements as well as continuing professional development requirements in order to maintain their standard of avalanche-knowledge and skills.

  • Active members are individuals typically engaged in avalanche-related activities for work who meet the required proficiency level for Active Member competencies. 
  • Professional members are individuals who typically have full-time employment in avalanche-related activities and who meet the required proficiency level for Professional Member competencies.



Non-Practitioner Membership refers to the non-voting member categories under CAA Bylaws. These categories are for individuals or associations involved in avalanche-related activities, but who do not meet the standards of Practitioner membership categories.

  • Affiliate members are individuals typically engaged in avalanche-related activities on a regular or part-time basis. These individuals do not satisfy the competencies requirements for Active or Professional membership, and are not required to uphold continuing development requirements.
  • Associate members are groups, clubs or businesses (not individuals), involved in avalanche-related activities or supplying a product or service applicable to avalanche-related activities.


The following chart provides a summary and comparison of the different membership categories for individuals (click here for PDF). Although members often progress from Affiliate, to Active, to Professional membership, this progression is not mandatory. Individuals may apply for any category of membership without previously holding membership status. 


    * See CAA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Guidelines for CPD details.

    - See Member Fees for annual fees relating to each category.

    - Refer to Competency Profiles and Proficiency Scale for CAA Members for details about Active and Professional competencies.


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