Changing Membership Categories

Changing An Individual Membership (between Professional, Active & Affiliate) 

If you are currently a member and would like to switch category from Affiliate/Active to Professional (or Affiliate to Active), you must go through the membership application process in full.


If you are no longer qualifying under the Continuing Professional Development guidelines to remain as an Active or Professional member you may request in writing to Membership Services to change to Active or Affiliate.


Changing to Late in Career or Retired Member

An Active or Professional member of the CAA who has been a member in good standing for no less than 15 years and is late in their career or retiring is eligible for applying to be a Late in Career or Retired Member. Please find all additional information here. 


Changing to a Non-practicing Professional Member 

A Professional member may be eligible to be a Non-practicing Professional Member if your occupation has altered so that you are no longer directly engaged in avalanche-related activities or are not sufficiently engaged to be able to meet Continuing Professional Development requirements. You must have been a Practicing Professional Member for at least five years and comply with Continuing Professional Development requirements for Non-practicing Professional Members.


Career Recess Status

A Professional or Active Member who is currently not engaged in avalanche related activities as defined in the bylaws, is registered as a full-time student, on extended jury duty, or on medical or parental leave may declare themselves to be in career recess.

A Member who has declared themselves to be in career recess is not required to comply with the terms and conditions for Continuing Professional Development , is exempt from Membership Committee audit for Continuing Professional Development compliance, and remains a Member in good standing of the CAA as long as they maintain all other requirements of membership.

When a Member declares to have resumed avalanche related activities the Member will be required to comply fully with the Continuing Professional Development program, and the time that they declared themselves to be in career recess will be exempted from consideration in any subsequent audit for Continuing Professional Development program compliance.

A Member who has declared career recess status for a consecutive period of time greater than two years or has been in career recess status for more than two of the past six years is deemed to have failed to comply with the CAA’s Continuing Professional Development program, and may become a Member in good standing of the CAA at a reduced level of membership as defined in the bylaws.


For more information regarding Career Recess, please refer to the Career Recess Member Policy.

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