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What's New?

CAA staff worked with the InfoEx Advisory Group (IAG) to draft a new Subscription Agreement which was finalized after a consultation period with subscribers this summer. Subscribers can refer to a background summary and will be contacted by email after completing their renewal form for season 2017-18 with information about signing the new agreement.


For important messages from the InfoEx Advisory Group click here.



InfoEx Class Definitions and Subscription Rates for Season 2017-18

Class definitions have been updated in the new subscription agreement, however it is expected the vast majority of subscribers will remain in the same class. A new Class I for individuals has been added. Subscribers are requested to consider the class definitions and contact Stuart Smith if they believe their class needs to be reviewed.
After careful consideration, and consultation with the IAG, there is an approximate 5% increase in rates which, alongside a number of other measures, will support hiring an additional InfoEx software developer.
 Subscription rates for 2017-18 and the updated class definitions are here.


IMPORTANT: Payment is required before subscribers can access InfoEx. This is due to some non-timely payment of invoices in previous seasons, and the significant overhead for CAA staff involved in dealing with this. Before making this change CAA staff consulted with and got agreement from the IAG and this was communicated to subscribers at the subscribers meeting in May 2016.  If payment is received before December 1st 2017 subscribers will maintain continuous access to InfoEx. On that date, all subscribers who have not paid will have access blocked until online registration has been completed and payment has been remitted.


The Run List and Avalanche Control extensions are $500 each (per season; 10% discount for CAA Associate members). To subscribe to the extensions contact Stuart Smith (250 837 2435 ext 257). Click here for more information and extension highlights videos.


Renew Your InfoEx Subscription

Subscription renewals and payments are done through this website and you must log in with the account for the organization that subscribes to InfoEx. NOTE: If you are professional member this account should not be used to renew an InfoEx subscription - you should sign-out as a professional member and sign-in to the organization account for your InfoEx subscription. If you do not know the username for your organization account (or are having password problems) contact Stuart Smith (250 837 2435 ext 257).


CAA Professional members who are interested in the new Class I subscription class should contact Stuart Smith for information.


Click here to renew your InfoEx Subscription for season 2017-18.


Contact Stuart Smith (250 837 2435 ext 257) with any questions, for assistance, or to inquire about becoming an InfoEx subscriber.



Renewals/Invoicing for InfoEx is done at an organizational level through this website.

Access to InfoEx is for INDIVIDUALS who are approved for access by a subscribing operation and can register here.



InfoEx Forum

A private InfoEx forum has been launched on this website. If you are a designated InfoEx administrator you should have access to the forum here. If you are an InfoEx user and do not currently have access but would like it contact Stuart Smith. The InfoEx Advisory Group (IAG) and CAA have kicked the forums off and you are encouraged to engage with the InfoEx community by contributing your views, asking questions or making suggestions.



CAA InfoEx Support and Staff Contacts

InfoEx technical support information.

Stuart Smith - InfoEx Manager - Primary contact for user support and administration

Luke Norman - Software Developer

Kristin Anthony-Malone - Operations Manager

Julie Matteau - Invoicing

Joe Obad - Executive Director



GET THE MOST OUT OF InfoEx: Training Opportunities

For winter 2014-15 the CAA ran small group InfoEx training sessions with 30 operations attending. Further training was available at the Spring Meetings in Penticton in May.


For winters 2015-16 & 2017-18 there was group and 1-on-1 training opportunities at the Spring Meetings in Penticton in May, plus on-site visits by CAA staff during the winter season.


If you believe your operation would benefit from InfoEx training contact Stuart Smith (250 837 2435 ext 257) to discuss options for either in person or web based training.


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