Career Recess Member Policy and Application

Policy for Career Recess

Career recess status enables members to remain in good standing with the CAA when exceptional circumstances prevent the member from maintaining their practice for a significant period of time. Please review the following updates to avoid misunderstanding or misuse of career recess.


Eligibility and Benefits

The provisions of this policy are available to active and professional members in good standing. 


Eligibility includes:

  • members registered as a full-time student
  • extended jury duty
  • medical or parental leave 


A member who has applied for and been approved to be in career recess is:

  • not required to comply with the terms and conditions for CPD
  • exempt from membership committee audit for CPD compliance
  • remains a member in good standing of the Canadian Avalanche Association as long as he or she complies with the requirements of the career recess policy


Upon resuming avalanche-related activities, the member must declare that they have resumed their practice and from that time forward, they will be required to comply fully with the CPD program. Any time that they declared themselves to be in career recess will be exempted from consideration in any subsequent audit for CPD program compliance. 



A member can NOT declare career recess status for a consecutive period of time greater than two years, or be in career recess status for more than two of the past six years. 




This policy is overseen by the chair of the membership committee. If a member feels that an error has occurred in administering this policy, they may appeal the decision to the CAA board of directors.


A member wishing to be considered in career recess shall: 

  • Submit a request (through the online application) to the membership chair stating the date from which the member wishes to be considered in career recess

  • Have his/her membership fee waived, and replaced with an administrative fee of $75.00/year
  • Not take on avalanche related work

  • Be listed in the CAA member directory with the added notation “career recess

  • Understand that at the end of the two year career recess period, the member will automatically be reinstated as a full paying member who is accountable for their CPD points
  • Be aware the membership chair has the discretion to approve, review and, if required, remove career recess status from a member as deemed appropriate
  • Be aware that, in the case of an appeal, the decision of the board of directors is final

  • Retain voting rights within the CAA and other benefits, with the exception of practice suitable to a practicing member, subject to future bylaw changes

  • Be referred to the conduct investigation committee if any breaches of practice or this policy occur


Career Recess Application Form

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