Level 2 Application Information
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Avalanche Operations Level 2 Application Information

The CAA Avalanche Operations Level 2 Program is an advanced program for people who work full time with avalanche safety and control operations.  Participants must have at least 100 days of operational field experience making and collecting weather, snowpack, and avalanche activity observations before applying. This requires at least two full-time seasons of active operational experience as a team member ideally working under the mentorship of CAA Professional Members. As a team member, you are involved with daily operational meetings and participating in operational activities involving anticipating and forecasting avalanche risk. 


Level 2 Program Prerequisites:

  • CAA Avalanche Operations Level 1 certification or similar training and experience;1
  • CAA Introduction to Weather or similar training and experience;1,2
  • CAA Avalanche Search & Rescue Advanced Skills (Formerly called Avalanche Search & Rescue Response) or similar training and experience;1,2
  • CAA Avalanche Search & Rescue - Practical Skills Assessment; or similar training and experience;1,3
  • Thorough working knowledge of the CAA Observation Guidelines & Recording Standards (OGRS 2014);
  • More than 100 days of operational field experience4 in weather, snowpack & avalanche occurrence observations & analysis;
  • Advanced backcountry skiing, boarding, or snowmobiling skills and good fitness;
  • Participation on at least two operational avalanche rescue scenarios;
  • A minimum of two letters of reference from CAA Professional Members5.

1 If you are missing these prerequisites but believe that you have similar training and/or experience, you may apply for prior learning in order to have the prerequisite waived. Please visit the Prior Learning Assessment(PLA) Application webpage for details. Students can concurrently apply to the Avalanche Operations Level 2 program while a PLA application is under review. Please see the details of this option on the PLA Application webpage.

2  T
hese courses must be completed prior to the Level 2 Module 2. For those who wish to apply to the Avalanche Operations Level 2 program but have yet to take either of these prerequisites, they must submit a Letter of Intent indicating that they will provide proof of completion prior to the start of the Module 2.


3 The AvSAR Practical Skills Assessment (AvSAR PSA) must be completed prior to the Level 2 Module 2. If students are unsuccessful they are able to continue and take Modules 2 and 3 if they are already registered. However, in order to receive the Level 2 certificate students will need to successfully prove they have completed the AvSAR PSA. Assessments will be offered prior to the Module 2 course and require a separate registration. For those who wish to apply to the Avalanche Operations Level 2 program but have yet to complete this prerequisite, they must submit a Letter of Intent indicating that they will attempt to successfully complete the AvSAR PSA prior to the start of the Module 2.


4 Operational field experience is defined as a team member attending daily operations meetings and participating in operational activities involving the anticipation of and forecasting for avalanche risk management.


5 Students, particularly international students, who do not know a CAA professional member that can provide a reference, may do the following:

  • Find a qualified person who understand the goals and objectives outlined in the CAA Operational Level 2 course DACUM. This can be your current avalanche industry employer or supervisor, an avalanche mentor, a fellow industry professional, and/or a Level 2 graduate who is familiar with your avalanche resume.

International Students

International students may need to complete one or more Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) application form(s) to meet all of the Level 2 prerequisites; this is in the case that they have not attended CAA prerequisite courses. One PLA application is required for EACH of the prerequisite courses that are missing. Contact your local avalanche center as some have already created PLA self-assessment templates for their courses that can be used as a starting point in your PLA application. Please make sure to add your personal information to these templates. Students can concurrently apply to the Avalanche Operations Level 2 program while a PLA application is under review. Please see the details of this option on the PLA Application webpage.


Please see Non-CAA Professional Member reference guidelines above (Sub-Point 4). 


All Level 2 students must be familiar with the CAA OGRS. If you are unfamiliar with this publication please review the digital copy found on our Guidelines and Standards webpage.


There is an extra $100 fee to mail the Level 2 Module 1 materials to students with addresses outside of Canada.


Please note that over the past 3 years, the CAA has seen a growing demand for the Level 2 program. In order to better accommodate the demand, we highly recommend that students submit their Level 2 application by no later than April 30th, 2018. Any questions regarding the application process can be sent to Katherine Dalman. Also note that priority registration is given to those candidates who are already enrolled in the Level 2 program. Level 2 Modules 1-3 course dates for the 2018-19 season will be posted in the last two weeks of May 2018, with registration opening mid-June.

Level 2 application steps:

Step 1 – Before you begin your online application

Please make sure you have all of the required documents ready to upload before you begin the online application. These documents include:

1.      Cover Letter

Please include a one page cover letter introducing yourself and outlining your current and future aspirations in the avalanche industry. Please specify if you wish to take the course as a snowmobiler or skier/boarder, or for Career Professional Development (CPD). CPD students - please outline your CPD status and specific module(s) and dates you wish to enroll in.


2.      Professional Resume

Please include a 2-3 page professional resume outlining your educational background and work history.


3.      Avalanche Resume

During your online application you will be asked to provide details regarding your skills and experience. Among other things, we will be asking you to clearly outline your 100 days of operational field experience. Please read the CAA's Career Development for Avalanche Operations Level 1 Graduates and Level 2 Applicants guidelines for all of the required pertinent information. We strongly recommend preparing this information ahead of time in a word document that you can copy and paste from. We will NOT be asking for field books or photocopies of them to be uploaded.


3.      Certificates

Please include a digital copy of all pertinent certificates such as the CAA Operations Level 1, AvSAR and Introduction to Weather courses. These can be scans or photos. Some courses can be completed after registration using a Letter of Intent (For details see sub-point 2 above). Prior Learning Assessment applicants see point 4 below.

Note: A $45 fee will be charged if you require the CAA to search through its records for a certificate copy.

4.      Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) (if applicable)

If you have experience, on the job training, or have completed non-CAA courses that meet the goals and objectives of a Level 2 course prerequisite you can submit a PLA - waive application. Please visit the PLA Application webpage for information on this process. When completing your online Level 2 application upload a Word document stating you have applied for a PLA for that prerequisite.

5.      References

Please contact two CAA Professional Members for letters of reference. They must complete the online Level 2 CAA Professional Member Reference Form found in the Members Only section of the CAA website. All references are confidential.

Students who do not have an affiliation with a CAA Professional Member please see sub-point 4 above. Level 2 Non-CAA Professional Member Reference Form

It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure their reference letters have been submitted.


Step 2 - Online Application Submission

To apply for the Level 2 program all applicants need to complete the online application process. The link to the online application can be found at the bottom of this page. Once completed, applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail if their online application has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive this e-mail please contact the CAA office.


Step 3 – Application Review/Registration Process

Application Review

All applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis. Your application is reviewed for completeness once received. It is your responsibility to ensure your application is complete before submitting it; incomplete applications will be returned. Complete applications and accompanying reference letters will be reviewed as quickly as possible, we aim for a 2 week turn around but this is not always possible.

Applicants will be contacted with the results via e-mail. Unsuccessful applications will be given details in order to achieve a successful application in the future.


Registration Process

If accepted into the program you will be emailed regarding the online registration date and time. Registration opens in the spring for the following season.

When registering you must register and pay full tuition for each course module separately. Courses fill quickly and we do not hold spots.

Applicants have a 2-year window to begin the program and can defer course registration within this time period. A student has 2 years to complete all modules after having started the program.


Tuition & Funding

Full payment will be processed at time of registration. Tuition details can be located on the Level 2 webpage. The Avalanche Canada Foundation yearly offers scholarships for students. There is also the Alberta job grant, local funding such as a Golden area scholarship, and a variety of scholarships and funds available for ACMG members pursuing their guiding certification. Contact these sources directly for further information.


Course Materials & Venue Information

Upon registration, all students will receive a confirmation e-mail which contains a link to the course logistic letter. Make sure to read this letter.

Module 1 students will be provided with a program package that includes:

·       Level 2 Student Manual & readings;

·       Recommended technical references.


If you begin the online application process and close the web browser, or time-out, before completing the full application, your work will not be saved. Have all documents ready before proceeding.


Begin the online Level 2 Application Form

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